Does a complex problem have you stalling at the gate?


When looking for someone to trust for your automotive device testing, look no further than Johnstech.

Whether you’re looking for infotainment help, anti-collision radars, or under-the-hood technology, we offer solutions and testing for everything you need. As a world-class one-stop-shop, Johnstech has a portfolio of products that you can count on to keep up with the complex standards of the automotive industry.

AUTOMOTIVESince 1991, Johnstech has been a leading innovator in final test solutions meeting the performance expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing you with everything you need while continuing to push forward to create better solutions that keep up with the fast-paced tech world. Our goal is to always stay on the cutting edge of technology so your business is always on par with the ever-changing requirements in the automotive industry.

At Johnstech, we understand that the automotive industry has its own standards and requirements that make it unique and sometimes difficult to navigate. To help you, we make sure that all of our solutions are specifically designed with the automotive industry in mind.

Next Generation Solutions

Our portfolio of products ensures that you are able to test to the specific requirements under complex and varied test conditions. Our standard temperature range is -40 to +155 °C and our “XT” series solutions provide temperature range -65 °C to +175 °C.

This includes strict temperature requirements that protect against overheating and melting. More so, you’ll never have to worry about our devices interfering with your goods as we’ve developed a way to make our products barely noticeable. This is just another example of how we at Johnstech puts you and your business first.

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