Your project can survive today’s marketplace. But what about tomorrow’s?

Future-proof your product. 5G

The next digital revolution will welcome new opportunities, but how do you know if your project meets the scope of 5G? From microwave to mmWave, our experienced professionals are ready to help you achieve your system performance goals with less hardware.

We know that key metrics for the final test of a consumer semiconductor device are high volume production capabilities and zero field failures. That’s why we provide you with testing solutions with little to no test distortion, shorter MTBAs, and the best-in-class overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This enables consumer device suppliers like yourself to reach your end customer goals with greater ease.

Get to Future—Faster

Thanks to our desire to continuously grow with technology, we’re able to keep up with current trends. This allows us to constantly improve our testing solutions so we can always meet and surpass your needs. Our demonstrated customer results and ever-evolving technology are proof of our efforts.

Consumer Application Solutions from the Industry’s Leading Testing Service

Are you looking for consumer application solutions for your business? Get in touch with our engineers and let us help you solve all of your device issues.