Johnstech’s IQtouch™ Wafer Test Solutions are based on a tradition of delivering innovative technologies, while providing industry-leading final test expertise.

The new IQtouch™ Micro Final Test Probe Arrays, for example, deliver unsurpassed low and stable contact resistance (CRES). This is accomplished through a balanced optimization among several critical and competing engineered parameters, including effective test signal transmission path, probe / wafer interface (“touch”) points and elastomeric web forces, and precision manufactured components for superior X/Y/Z co-planarity

Product Engineers and Test Engineers can now leverage a final test probe array that provides lowest and most stable CRES on the market, enabling accurate test results for the most critical test parameters on the most sensitive devices. Well-defined device characterization and corresponding specifications will help differentiate your company’s devices in a highly competitive and fast-moving market.


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Do you need help deciding if the IQtouch™ Micro is best test contactor solution for your product? Johnstech International will demo your device to judge which of our test sockets will satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information. Request A Quote.