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Radio Frequency
With next-generation devices requiring more in terms of bandwidth, noise performance and isolation, and power handling, Johnstech’s RF contactor solutions can provide you with everything you need. Our technology platform allows your devices to meet all of the electrical and mechanical design challenges presented by the most up-to-date communications and connectivity package configurations. You can trust us to provide you with design flexibility that will meet thermal dissipation requirement as well as impedance matching.

The automotive industry continues to push forward in leaps and bounds. At Johnstech we are happy to provide you with automotive device testing to help you produce the best products possible. No matter what you’re looking to do, our products and services are able to test everything from anti-collision technology to under-the-hood equipment. We understand how complex and varied your industry is, too, which is why we ensure you that our range of services will meet all testing requirements for your automotive device.

If you’re a semiconductor supplier, you need a trusted company to collaborate with for testing your products and making sure you’re market-ready. Johnstech is able to meet the latest challenges that you face. Our final test solutions for wafer level and packaged devices are able to address the strict requirements you have to meet so you can be a top supplier in your given industry.

As a consumer device supplier, your end-goal is to create a product your customers love and trust. Johnstech has the knowledge and ability to meet the ever-changing legacy test hardware solutions. With the popular movement to low power small form factor consumer semiconductor devices, these advancements in testing solutions can help you push out high-performing products that your customers will enjoy for years to come.

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