Improved Yields and Higher OEE for Package IC Testing

  • Matches existing spring pin socket load boards
  • Self-cleaning wipe means less cleaning
  • Extended vertical operating range
  • New low-cost contactor technology
  • The new OCwype™ contactors are the latest in a long line of Johnstech products that allow companies to reduce costs and time to market.

Johnstech has long been recognized as the leader in both electrical and mechanical Contactor performance. OCwype™ contactors are aimed at mid-performance electrical devices that demand better mechanical performance than spring pin sockets can provide.

The OC stands for on-center. The “wype” refers to the self-cleaning wipe that Johnstech is known for.


Production Test

Supporting Documentation

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Do you need help deciding if the OCwype is best test contactor solution for your product? Johnstech International will demo your device to judge which of our test sockets will satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information. Request A Quote.

If you would like a copy of the Maintenance & Inspection Guide for this product, please contact You also may contact your regional sales representative or distributor as well.