Pad ROL200 XTJohnstech’s Pad ROL® 200 XT ™ Automotive Contactor is just the product you’re looking for! This Xtreme Temperature (XT™) capable product is designed to maximize your test results, regardless of your tri-temp testing objectives! Even if you are not testing outside the temperature limits of standard Contactors and sockets, the robust design of the XT™ Contactor provides additional design margin and certainly satisfies even your roadmap requirements.


  • Patented, One-Piece ROL® Contacts
  • Delivers Lowest Contact Resistance (CRES)
  • High Current Carrying Capability
  • Low Inductance
  • Extremely Stable Contact Resistance (CRES)
  • High Frequency Capability
  • Wiping Contact Clears Debris

Supporting Documentation

Do you need help deciding if the ROL™ 200 XT is best test contactor solution for your product? Johnstech International will demo your device to judge which of our test sockets will satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information. Request A Quote.